Bimetal Band Saw Blade
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N90 M42 Bimetal Band Saw Blade

N90 M42 Bimetal Band Saw Blade
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U.S. Technology

Imported high speed steel M42 with high content of cobalt as the tooth material, greatly reducing the the content of the primary carbide, improve the tooth material hardness and toughness after heat treatment, the hardness reaches 68-69HRC.

High purity imported back material, the content of impurity elements below 0.02%, greatly reduces the content of brittle phases in the organization, reducing the risk of crack initiation and propagation, provide a strong guarantee for the fatigue life of the saw blade.

Using the new heat treatment technology, the integration of online production, greatly reduces the performance difference of different batches of products, so the saw not only live longer, and better stability.

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